Rental Application Form


Vogue Property Management is pleased to provide you with our Rental Application Form. This form is the first step in the process of renting one of our properties and it is designed to gather important information about you and your living situation.

The application is easy to complete and can be submitted online using the form below. It includes questions about your employment, income, and rental history, as well as the names and contact information of your references.

Once we receive your completed Rental Application Form, our team will review it and contact you if we require any additional information or to schedule a viewing of the property. Please note that submitting a Rental Application Form does not guarantee the rental of a property and all applications are subject to approval.

Thank you for considering Vogue Property Management for your rental needs. We look forward to working with you and finding the perfect property for you to call home.

Please remember to attach 100 point of ID to your application

Property Details

Please provide the details of the property you are applying to rent.

Property Details

Please provide the details of the property you are applying to rent.

Current Residential Details

Please provide your current residential details.

Employment Details

Please provide the employment details of all rental applicants.

Emergency Contact Details

Vogue Property Management will only make contact in case of emergency.


Please provide your references for Vogue Property Management to make contact.


I/We hereby offer to rent the property from the owner under a lease agreement prepared by Vogue Property Management. If this application is accepted by the landlord, I/we agree to enter into a Residential Tenancy Agreement

I/We acknowledge that this application is subject to the approval of the owner/landlord. I/we declare that all the information contained in this application is true and correct and given of our own free will. I/We declare that we have inspected the premises and are not bankrupt. I/We, the tenant/s, accept the property in the condition it was in when inspected

I/We authorise Vogue Property Management to obtain any personal information from:

  • The owner or the agent of my current or previous residence/s
  • Personal references and current or previous employers,
  • Any record listing or database of defaults by tenants, such as TICA, NTC or TRA, for the purpose of checking my tenancy history
  • I/We are aware that we may access my personal information by contacting:

  • TICA: 1902 220 346
  • NTD: 1300 563 826
  • TRA: (02) 9363 9244
  • I/We are aware that the agent will use and disclose my personal information within this application in order to:

  • Communicate with the owner and select a tenant,
  • Prepare any lease or tenancy documents,
  • Allow tradespeople or equivalent organisations to contact me,
  • Lodge, claim or transfer to or from a Bond Authority
  • Refer to tribunals, courts and statutory authorities (where applicable)
  • Refer to collection agents or lawyers (where applicable),
  • Complete a check with tenancy databases,
  • Transfer water account details into my name.
  • I am aware that if information is not provided or I do not content to the uses to which personal information is put, the agent cannot provide me with the lease or tenancy of the premises.

    Final Notes

  • If your application has been approved, all security deposits are to be paid separately by bank cheque or money order and made out to the RTBA within 24 hours of approval.
  • Any initial payments must be made by bank cheque or money order on the day you sign the lease agreement
  • Keys to the property will be handed out once the lease agreement has been signed by all parties and all monies paid.
  • Please be aware that this application is subject to the availability of the property on the due date. No action shall be taken by the applicant against the agent or the property owner if the property is no longer available for occupation on the due date